Paul Albert                 
Professor and Senior Scientist, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • serotonin, dopamine, transcription factors, depression, anxiety, receptors, signalling, methylation, epigenetics, optogenetics, post-stroke depression


Jean-Claude Béïque                 
Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Regulation of NMDA receptors, Synaptic plasticity, Multiphoton imaging, Molecular psychiatry


Yves Bourgault
Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Simulations of large networks of excitable cells; coupling electric activity to blood flow; bi-domain simulation techniques.


Tuan Bui                 
Assistant Professor, Biology

  • Electrophysiological recording and computational modeling of neural circuits involved in motor control and sensory integration at the spinal cord and supraspinal level


Sylvain Chartier

Assistant Professor, School of Psychology

  • Modeling cognitive processes using artificial neural networks. Associative memories, categorization, classification, feature extraction, invariance.


Simon Chen
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Two-photon imaging, motor learning, motor cortex


Corrie daCosta

Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

  • Structure-function relationships in ligand-gated ion channels, channel engineering


Bernard Jasmin
Professor and Chair, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Molecular biology of synaptic development and regulation; neuromuscular diseases.


Bela Joos                 
Professor, Physics

  • excitable cells, voltage gated channels, energetics of action potential generation, damaged neurons and axons, electric fish and electric organ discharge


Michael Jonz
Associate Professor, Department of Biology

  • Transduction of sensory stimuli and synaptic transmission. Patch-clamp recording of ion channel activity in oxygen-sensitive chemoreceptors, and retinal neurons.


Mads Kaern
Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Tier II Canada Research Chair in Genetic Networks, cross-appointed to Physics

  • Modeling/experimental studies of genetic networks and biological development; role of noise and feedback in genetic networks


Woo Jae Kim
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Neural and genetic networks underlying social behaviour


Diane Lagacé                 
Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Adult neurogenesis, Stroke Recovery, Animal behaviour, Optogenetics


Victor LeBlanc
Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Modeling of spatial patterns of activity in excitable tissue (heart, brain); spiral waves leading to arrhythmias; neural networks coupled via delayed interactions


John Lewis
Associate Professor, Biology

  • Experimental and theoretical analysis of feedback in neural networks for sensory processing and motor control


André Longtin
Professor of Physics, Physics and Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Neural Modeling, Neurophysics, Stochastic Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Time Series Analysis


Len Maler
Distinguished Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Electrophysiology, sensory processing, neural feedback, computational neuroscience


Catherine E. Morris                 
Senior Scientist, Ottawa Health Research Institutes and Professor, Dept. of Medicine, University of Ottawa

  • Bilayer mechanics of voltage-gated ion channel function/dysfunction in neurons.  Theoretical analysis of “spandex proteins” in high tension bilayers.


Richard Naud                 
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

  • Neural Coding, Neural Networks, Electrophysiological Cell Types, Neural Computation, Dendritic Computation




Georg Northoff

Mind, Brain Imaging and Neuroethics Unit, Institute of Mental Health Research, Univesity of Ottawa

  • Cortical midline structures, functional, EEG and MRS imaging in psychiatric illness, neurophilosophy


Ted Perkins

Scientist, Sprott Stem Cell Center, Ottawa Health Research Institutes

  • Modeling dynamics and information processing in biochemical network, differential equation models of time-series data, machine learning and data mining algorithms for biological data, noisy biological information processing


Adam Sachs

Department of Surgery, Division of Neurosurgery, University of Ottawa

  • Deep brain Stimulation


Andrew Seely
Thoracic Surgery, Ottawa General Hospital; B.Sc. Physics

  • Experimental and modeling studies of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome following trauma; complex systems approach to the role of autonomous nervous system in vital organ variability in the Intensive Care Unit


Heidi Sveistrup                 
Professor, School of Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Experiments and modeling of motor system control during development and aging in normal and pathological populations


Jean-Philippe Thivierge
Associate Professor, Dept. Psychology, University of Ottawa

  • Quantitative analysis of structural and functional connectivity in neuronal networks; computer simulations of developing neuronal circuits.

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