Neural Coding Lab

Computational Neuroscience &
Statistical Analysis of Neural Data

Computational models of neurons and networks. Neural Computation. Learning. Electrophysiology. Calcium imaging.

Recent Project News

Sparse bursts optimize informatiomation transmission in a multiplexed code

We proposed a neural code able to represent two streams of information simultanesously and showed that it is optimal for sparse bursting, as observed in vivo. The neural code has implications for interpreting the microcircuitry of the neocortex.-- Posted December 2018.

Noise Gating in Dendrite-Soma Interactions published in Phys. Rev. X

Brains process information reliably despite the presence of noise introduced by their molecular machinery. New computer simulations of neurons show that these cells might use noise to their advantage, by employing dendrites to detect low intensity signals and the main cell body to process more powerful signals. -- Posted August 2017.

Positions open for Brain Machine Interface Project

The uOttawa Brain and Mind Research institute is funding a collaborative project between Dr. Adam Sachs, neurosurgeon, and Dr. Richard Naud. The project will use engineering, math and physics methods to decipher neural activity in prefrontal and motor cortex. Funded grad studies opportunities are available. -- Posted August 2017.


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