Research Groups



Tuan Bui

sensorimotor integration, spinal cord circuitry, central pattern generators, computational neuroscience

Yves Bourgault

numerical analysis of dynamics in excitable media (brain and heart); bi-domain simulations.

Sylvain Chartier

Associative memories, categorization, classification, feature extraction, invariance.

Mads Kaern

Models of feedback and noise in genetic expression and regulation, development.

Victor LeBlanc

excitable media, spiral waves, bifurcation theory, delayed feedback

John Lewis

Computational neuroscience, synaptic plasticity and feedback, sensory processing, motor control.

Andre Longtin

Neurophysics, computational neuroscience, nonlinear time series analysis

Len Maler

Computational neuroscience, synaptic plasticity and feedback, sensory processing

Ted Perkins

bioinformatics, computational biology, mathematical biology and machine learning

Jean-Philippe Thivierge

functional networks, connectomics, multi-electrode arrays


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